About Us:

We are one of the oldest manufacturers of feed milling equipment in Africa. After many years of building pelletors, feed mixers, hammer mills and related feed milling equipment, we can now offer a range of tested and robust machines to ensure that our customers can produce animal feeds with the best value adding and biggest economic advantage in terms of feeding costs.

Established in the 1960•s and under the current ownership since 1999, we have over many years completed numerous turnkey installations and handed this over to satisfied customers. Varying in size and scope, each of these projects was planned by our engineers and working closely with our customers, our projects are designed to meet exact performance and quality requirements.

We strive to improve and extend our range of equipment with ongoing innovations. All our equipment is designed and tested for ease of operation and use by low skilled operators. Simple, reliable machines mean complete peace of mind for any entrepreneur and farmer with little time to spare for fixing breakdowns.

Affordable and well-priced machines ensure low initial capital cost with short pay back periods.