Welcome to Agrifeed Systems:

Agrifeed Systems manufactures a full range of tested and proven feed processing systems that will make the manufacturing of animal feed both labour-saving and cost effective.


Our product range includes:

  • Pellet Mills.

  • Horizontal paddle or ribbon type batch mixers.

  • Vertical fountain type batch mixers.

  • Pellet cooling units.

  • Pellet crumblers.

  • Bucket elevators and augers up to 80 tons per hour capacity.

  • Axial and radial type hammer-mills for a wide range of applications.

  • Bale shredders to process any type of round or big-pack bales.

Engineering and design:

Whether the need is for a turnkey installation or upgrade of an existing unit, our experienced engineers can assist in planning from concept to full engineering specifications. We ensure each project meets exact quality, budget and performance requirements.

Simple hand-operated systems for on-farm use are available and can be designed to supply from 500 kg up to 2000 kg pelleted feed per hour. Larger automated plants utilizing the latest labour-saving technology can be designed to deliver up to 10 tons of finished product per hour.


We supply reliable, high performance capital equipment at a reasonable price. This translates to low capital and operating costs so that your business is supported and positioned to maximize value adding and profits, growing to its full potential and realizing your own unique vision.

Many of our customers can testify of labour saving, cheaper transport and storage costs, reduced wastage and higher feed intake since using equipment from Agrifeed Systems.

Our smaller installations are an excellent way of on-farm value adding to the farmer•s own harvest and produce to ensure big savings in feeding costs.